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Move to Chattanooga

Pics from Opening Day at the Chattanooga Market

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Miss Betty's Hydrangea
Move to Chattanooga

Pics from Opening Day at the Chattanooga Market

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Nikolas aka Nikko

My knee was still pretty messed up from twisting it earlier this week, so it was late when I hobbled into the Chattanooga Market a little before closing. I managed to get pics of several vendors prior to closing.

They still had a  huge crowd and more vendors than ever:

My friends from Sheerlark Farms were there again: Aside from lamb meat, produce, wool for spinning and felting, and some eggs, they also have some newly forged garden tools and cutlery:

The long garden tool to the bottom left is based on a dutch garden tool they own, and the bottom item in the picture on the right is a hoof picker (yeah, I had to ask). Look at those two flesh forks! Makes me wish I had a cabin in the woods and a fireplace to cook over.

It's early in the growing season,  you see a lot of greens right now, and LOTS and LOTS of plants:


I was really excited to see these two vendors. The one on the left is Ask apparel and they sell organic, natural dyed clothing. Those scarves go for $18 a pop on their website. I absolutely love the brooms on the left. I'm going to try to buy one of them the next time I see them there.


BOG CHAIRS!!! These run $100-200 and are made of various woods such as Cedar or Sassafras. These types of chairs are great for sitting around a fire. But you can also make them from oak or thick pine boards. If they are made like the bog chairs I know the seat slides out and so it is both collapsible and therefore portable (although they are quite heavy).


Steve Cochran is a really great photographer who sells some wonderful photos of the Chattanooga area. Aside from prints, he has taken a few of his photos and had them made into puzzles. Each comes in a tin box with the image on the cover. I almost bought one on the spot, but I'm just too busy right now to relax over a puzzle. Hmmm, maybe I do need a cabin in the woods to escape to!

There were many many talented vendors, And such a diverse range. And I found a new favorite food vendor. There's one who is selling italian ices, (one of my personal weaknesses). That will definitely be one of my regular stops.
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