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Move to Chattanooga

Dessert Receptions by the District:

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Move to Chattanooga

Dessert Receptions by the District:

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The city of Chattanooga has a Department of Multicultural Affairs which every year, host a series of dessert receptions throughout the city.

These Dessert Receptions go under the moniker of "Sweet Diversity" and members of the district are encouraged to bring a dessert which reflects their cultural heritage.

On May 14th I attended the District 7 Sweet Diversity Dessert Reception along with with members of the Ridgedale Community Association and the Ridgedale Sewing and Crafts Society:

Here are some of the pics of the goodies Ridgedale brought:

I prepared the Italian cookie tray on the left which included Lemon drops (white), and the almond crescents (both plain and chocolate covered) All of them are almond based cookies, although the lemon drops have both lemon zest and lemon juice included.

On the Right we have Julia with Mini-pecan tarts (she used Phyllo dough and it tasted a LOT like Baklava!) and Lois with Coconut Cake. These are recipes they make for their family all the time.

We also put out a "research library" of cookbooks featuring various ethnic desserts from all over the world, so people could research their culinary heritage. 

The Ladies from the South Chattanooga branch of the Chattanooga public library had some yummy desserts as well, including Stawberry Fuzzies and Red Velvet Cupcakes. The Bethel center was also there with Sweet Potato Pie.

The following Districts will be having their events as follows (District 8&9 have already held theirs):

6/25/09    6-8PM District 6       Shepherd Recreation Center 2124 Shepherd Road
6/27/09    6-8PM District 5       Brainerd Recreation Center
9/17/09    6-8PM District 4       Heritage House @ Heritage Park
10/15/09  6-8PM District 2&3  Big Ridge Elementary School
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