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Move to Chattanooga

for old homes worth restoring

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Miss Betty's Hydrangea
Move to Chattanooga



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April 22nd, 2009

The Ridgedale Community Association will be hosting a 50's dance at their monthly meeting this Thursday.
Here is their flyer:

Highland Park will be participating in the Great American Cleanup on Saturday, April 25th. They will meet at Tatum Park at 10AM. Picnic in the Park Afterwards for Volunteers: for more info: http://highlandparktn.com/


ST ELMO: See previous post for the Forest Ave Cemetary Walk that will be held Saturday April 25th from Noon



The Chattanooga Market begins it's 2009 season THIS SUNDAY 4/26/09

They will be open Sundays - 11am to 4pm NEW Hours!


Chattanooga Market
1826 Carter St
Chattanooga, TN 37401
(423) 648-2496
All of the roles for Characters have been filled, but visitors are welcome to don period costume 1880's to Mid 1900's and take a stroll through the Forest Hills Cemetery. Bring your camera and get pictures of the flora, fauna, costumed characters and sculpture.

The characters will tell a little bit about themselves and their lives. This is a great way to get some insight into the history of the Chattanooga Area. 

Direction and information on the walk is available on the website:

Forest Hills Cemetery Association
4016 Tennessee Ave
Chattanooga, TN 37409
(423) 821-4161

January 7th, 2009

There are numerous old communities in Chattanooga if you are looking to live in an older home.
Here is an introdcution to some of the communities close to downtown and their progress in restoration:

Ft. Wood: This is the community around the UTC area in Chattanooga. Most of the houses here have already been restored, and command top dollar. Several of these are frat houses. A couple of bed and breakfasts. They have a nice tour of homes.

Southside: This includes the south part of Downtown including Main Street and the Chattanoogoa Choo Choo and running south down Broad St. Lots of money has been poured into the area recently and a new magnet school has spurred growth (immediate area also includes Jefferson Heights/Cowart Place/Ft Negley & MLK District): 

St. Elmo: This community is located at the foot of Lookout Mtn, TN. Lots of larger 2-story homes and larger lots. Conveniently near Ruby Falls, the Incline and Rock City. A small group of shops and eateries near the entrance to this commuity.

North Shore: Just over the river from downtown, this community includes the homes north of Fraizer Avenue, and between Barton Ave and North Market Street all the way up to Missippi Ave, have a numerous bungalows and a few victorians on rolling hills and twisty roads which lend charm and a few good views. Fraizer avenue and River Street have numerous shops and restaurants, although a few of the businesses have moved to nearby Manufacturer's Road.

Highland Park:  Located between Holtzclaw and Willow, McCallie and Main, this is community surrounds Tennessee Temple University. Several Alumni and home restorers have been fixing up these houses over the early 2000's. The bulk of the homes on Chamberlain and Duncan have been fixed up, nearly as many on Bailey and Union have been restored. Numerous homes spotted throughout the rest of this community have been snapped up and restored. Restored homes were going for top dollar prior to the current recession. They do a tour of homes every year an a half and are one of the few commuity associaitons to have their own building for meetings. http://www.highlandparktn.com/

Glenwood: Located north of McCallie Avenue and running North on Dodds Avenue towards Memorial Hospital, it features some of the largest stately homes, surrounded by bungalows, and smaller victorian cottages dot through this neighborhood. Many of the homes have been restored, and they have an active community association who have been sponsoring jazz festivals, and the local Greek Orthodox church does a Greek festival every year. http://www.historicglenwood.com/history.html

Ferger Place: A very small community with very large well maintained homes that go for top price. It's just across main street from Highland Park.

Missionary Ridge: Numerous stately homes line Missionary Ridge. South Crest Road runs through this comminuty and affords a very scenic drive. They have a very active neighborhood Associaiton: http://www.missionaryridge.org/missionaryridge/page.html

Ridgedale: Located 3 miles from downtown, this is a community of homes filled with Victorian Cottages and Bungalows. It's located between Highland Park and Missionary Ridge and to the south of Glenwood. Homes are just beginning to be restored over the past couple of years. Bargin Hunters seeking a deal have been snapping up homes along Bailey Ave and first few blocks bordering the Highland Park community. Back in the 20's and 30's the portion of Dodds avenue running through Ridgedale was lined with all the shops and it was the shopping district before the Advent of Malls and urban sprawl. Some prominent Dodds Avenue businesses include:
Barking Legs Theater, http://www.barkinglegs.org/ 
the longtime business of the Associated Fabric Shops http://www.associatedfabrics.com/,
Cafe Lamont http://www.cafelemont.com/menu.html

Also McCallie School (for Boys) is Located in the Northeast Corner of Ridgedale: http://www.mccallie.org/Default.asp?bhcp=1

Oak Grove: This community lies between 23rd St and Main Street, and between Dodds and Ferger Place. The northwest corner of the neighborhood that borders Main Street has a small trendy mexican restaurant called Tienda Jalisco that is being frequented by the residents of Highland Park, Ridgedale Ferger Place and Oak Grove. This area hopes to benefit from the revitalization of main street and perhaps get overflow growth from Highland Park.

There are a few real estate agents in this town who have provided information on their websites regarding some of these neighborhoods that are hitting their stride.


The City of Chattanooga has a complete listing of neighborhood Associations that are throughout the entire city:

October 29th, 2008

We are still waiting on the leaves to turn here. Some of the early ones are beginning to change. I'll be posting photos later this week of some of the older neighborhoods that are decked out for fall and halloween. 

I finally had to turn on the pilot light last night on the gas heater. I usually turn it on sometime between the 15th and the 31st of October. I almost made it to the end of the month this year! That is one of the things I like about living here, is the shorter heating season. My geraniums are just hanging on and my neighbor's roses are still in bloom.

The pecans are just starting to fall and the walnuts began coming down a couple of weeks ago.

The Ridgedale community has a LOT of pecan trees that are quite tall and old. I don't know when they began planting them, but someone must have made a huge endeavor ages ago for so many to be in our area. We have our fair share of walnut trees as well.
A few years back, one of the ladies from our community association donated tall tumblers filled with pecans to use as door prizes for our annual Christmas party.

There is also a LOT of mistletoe growing in the trees between downtown and Missionary Ridge. Drive down McCallie Avenue or Bailey after the leaves fall and you can see huge clumps of it growing! 

October 11th, 2008


Welcome to muv2chattanooga !

This community is intended as a guide for those wishing to participate in revitalizing historic neighborhoods, creating arts communities, and creating an niche of tolerance in a mostly conservative city.
Be on the lookout for posts about the various neighborhoods between Missionary Ridge and Downtown.
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