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The community based guide for art, culture & history in Chattanooga, TN
Chattanooga is a beautiful place to live. We have a long growing season, excellent soil, large old trees, unique architecture, and are fortunate to have several large employers. Chattanooga recently won the bid for a new Volkswagen plant, and the plant will then spur the growth of numerous parts industries. The plant is expected to be at full production by 2010/2011. So Brush up on your German and move here!

Want to buy an older house and restore it into a historic home? For those of you who love older architecture, know that the spirit of preservation is alive and well in Chattanooga. Unlike Cities such as Knoxville, we have not bulldozed a lot of our older homes. Several neighborhoods in Chattanooga have already been revitalized between Downtown and Missionary Ridge, and as these areas mature in development and price, the adjoining communities are on the cusp of being "discovered". This growth closely follows the original growth of the city. These neighborhoods are on the bus line, offering access to downtown and several major shopping areas. Businesses are just starting to come back into the area.

Longing for a sense of Community? We have a very strong Department of Neighborhood Services, and they are working with vision very closely with the numerous in-town neighborhood associations to restore our older communities. Older homes in need of restoration are like laden fruit on the tree waiting to be plucked.

Want to start a business? Hook up with the Chattanooga Technical Info Center and find out the way traffic flows to downtown and get in on the ground floor to start a neighborhood based business.

Find out how to contact Community Associations to find out more about individual neighborhoods. Find out what about the flora and Fauna, the cool restaurants, and the budding arts communities. Come and be a part of our ongoing restoration. Come and join our community and let us help you get the information you need to make this happen.
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